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family planning methods

Family planning methods are divided as follows:

  • Traditional / natural methods, including withdrawal method of contraception (coitus interruptus) or ejaculation outside the vagina, and methods based on awareness of the fertile period. These methods are also traditional.


  • Modern methods, including:
  1. Hormonal methods: contraceptive pills, implants, skin patches, and contraceptive injections.
  2. Chemical means suppositories, ointments, spermicidal foams, and spermicides.
  3. Topical methods: vaginal septum, intrauterine device, male condom, and female condom (diaphragm).
  4. Emergency methods: high-concentration contraceptive pills, or the intrauterine device.
  5. Methods considered permanent: fallopian tubal ligation, vasectomy.

Modern Methods

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Traditional/Natural Methods

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