Reproductive health knowledge platform for youth

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The Higher Population Council is the national reference on population issues and information related to development, as it is entrusted with setting policies, strategies and action plans related to population and development, following up and evaluating operational plans with their stages and programmes, in addition to designing and implementing advocacy campaigns and raising awareness about them, and enhancing and deepening the national expertise and capabilities of individuals, institutions and coordination. With various partners and local, regional and international bodies to achieve sustainable development goals and achieve justice and equal opportunities.

The council constantly seeks to consolidate awareness of population issues, including reproductive health issues in society, especially among young people, as they are the future of Jordan and the basis for its development and prosperity, and they are the most important group in investing and exploiting the future demographic opportunity, especially the demographic transition policies related to reproductive health.

That there are a number of challenges to achieving the goals of reproductive health policies in Jordan, including limited integration between reproductive health programs and primary health care programs, weakness in reproductive health information systems, and insufficient services directed at reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases and the health of adolescents and youth in health centers The lack of an integrated package of services related to reproductive health for young people and adolescents, the limited specialized courses in the field of adolescent health and reproductive health in medical and health colleges in universities, and the need to strengthen school curricula with educational programs that cover adolescent health and include reproductive culture with content commensurate with the prevailing social culture in society, and the absence of periodic sustainable media programs specialized in reproductive health.

It is worth noting that the youth group within the age group (18-24 years) represents one of the mainstays in any society, and in Jordan this group constitutes about 20% of the total population, as they lack reproductive health information and do not receive the necessary attention, and they are the most There is a need for health services that are often not met. Providing an integrated package of reproductive services to young people is necessary to help them make sound decisions regarding their reproductive health and enable them to implement these decisions.

Based on this need, the Higher Population Council provides you with an electronic knowledge platform on reproductive health in both Arabic and English, as it is a major source for providing data and information in this field. The platform aims to raise community awareness about reproductive health issues.