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forms of violence

Forms of violence


Physical violence

Any act which results in physical harm such as beating, pulling hair, slapping, pushing, violently grasping, twisting of the hand, throwing to the ground, punching, biting, suffocation, burning, torture, flogging, and the use of sharp tools in harming, and so on, and it may cause murder.


Emotional (psychological) violence

Everything that affects the person such as insult, reprimand, harassment, or deprivation of one’s rights and the use of means intended to obliterate the personality or weaken the physical or mental capacity, such as:

Rejection and neglect: rejecting demands and needs, neglecting comprehensive care and guidance

Hurting feelings: by being cold and not interacting

Humiliation in front of others

Isolation: not allowing the wife/female to leave the house.

Eviction from home

Distrust (doubt) and constant surveillance.


Sexual violence

In its simplest forms, it includes touching, harassment and rape. It may start from uttering words related to sex, displaying the body or parts of it, and touching the genitals. It also includes commercial sexual exploitation for money or any other rewards, not fulfilling the sexual desires of the wife, watching pornographic films as well as forcing the wife to do so.


Economic violence


Harming a woman’s economic interests such as preventing her from obtaining a job, forcing her to work, taking her salary or property, depriving her of inheritance, stripping her of material and financial resources, destroying personal property, or attempting material harm in any way, depriving her of her basic needs such as clothes and good food.


Verbal violence

Such as cursing, insulting, belittling, insulting, obscene speech, an embarrassment in front of others, insulting obscenities, and lack of respect and appreciation.


Social violence:

It is represented in the attempt to impose a social siege on the weak individual and stifle his opportunities to communicate and interact with the world, define his roles, and not allow him to make decisions, excluding women and their exclusion from centers of social, economic and political power.


Health violence

It is represented in neglecting health needs, not allowing women to see a doctor, controlling her fertility, forcing her to become pregnant, and preventing her from using family planning methods, in addition to abortion of female fetuses and choosing the sex of the child before birth.