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family planning Key messages

family planning Key messages


·        Spouses’ planning for the pregnancy spacing ensures that they maintain their health and the health of their children, and children have the right to obtain adequate care.

·        Informing the couple about the various methods of family planning and the characteristics of each of them helps them choose the appropriate method for them.

·        The couple’s choice of the appropriate method of contraception is based on an understanding and agreement between them, respect for each other’s wishes, and the absence of a medical impediment to the chosen method.

·        Family planning is the pregnancy spacing, not childlessness.

·        Islam permits family planning but forbids contraception.

·        Men are essential partners in family planning.

·        Family planning is a right, let's make it a reality.

·        Modern methods provide a high rate of protection against pregnancy compared to natural methods.

·        The decision to have children is the right of the spouses after obtaining the information, as they are more aware of their capabilities and conditions.

·        As a married couple, you can listen to the opinion of others who are careful, and you have the right not to take it.

·        Do not be afraid to approach your husband with what you see fit for your family, but make sure that this is done through dialogue and agreement.

·        When we make the decision together, we ensure the commitment of both parties.

·        We get advice from specialists to decide which family planning method to use.

·        A suitable-sized family means greater luxury on all levels.