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Places of providing family planning services

Places of providing family planning services


Jordan pays a lot of attention to reproductive health programs in general and family planning in particular, and it seeks through the National Reproductive Health Strategy 2020-2030 prepared by the Higher Population Council to reduce the total fertility rate to 2.1 in 2040 by increasing the rate of use of various family planning methods.


This, in turn, changes the age structure of the population and increases the benefit from the positive repercussions on the economic and social situation that accompanies the demographic opportunity (the growth rate of individuals in the working age 15-64 years is significantly higher than the rate of dependents under 15 and over (65 years).



In pursuit of improving the quality and ease of access to family planning services and advice, and raising community awareness to increase demand for services, it is provided in all health facilities in the public and private sectors alike, Such as maternity and childhood centers affiliated by the Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services clinics, Institute of Family Health Care clinics , Jordanian Family Planning Association clinics, United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees clinics and other civil society organizations clinics.