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Infertility is defined as the inability to become pregnant after at least one to two years, during which full sexual intercourse takes place between them in a regular manner. Infertility concerns both women and men. Historically, infertility was considered a disease of women, and the contribution of men to this issue was not discovered until fifty years ago.


Pregnancy does not occur when one or both spouses are sterile or have very weak reproductive capacity.


The ability of the man and woman to have children changes with time, which means that both spouses need to undergo medical examinations after consulting doctors when the wife’s pregnancy is delayed.


There are two types of infertility: primary infertility and secondary infertility.



The causes of infertility

To find out the underlying causes of infertility between spouses, it is important to evaluate the spouses and the type of interaction between them.


Reasons: They are health illnesses related to the health of one or both spouses (in 10% of cases, the causes of infertility will not be known).




Infertility prevention methods