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How and who decides to use family planning?

How and who decides to use family planning



There are many methods of family planning, and women can choose the method that suits them with the help of a specialist doctor. However, the use of any family planning method is not limited to women as is common, but the decision to organize childbearing is a joint decision between spouses as it affects each of them and contributes to affecting the entire family. Both spouses need to decide to space the pregnancies together after resorting to the counselling service of health care providers, familiarizing themselves with the various available means and taking the time to discuss together, and then choosing the appropriate family planning method for them, which reinforces the concept of joint responsibility. Studies have shown that making decisions with spouses involved and providing men with information and including them in counselling sessions can help make them more supportive of women's use of contraceptives and more committed to implementing those decisions.