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Health problems that may occur after menopause

Health problems that may occur after menopause.


Following a healthy lifestyle helps women enjoy better health after menopause, by:

·        Balanced Nutrition:

·        Eating a balanced diet helps women stay healthy before, during, and after menopause. The diet must contain calcium and vitamin D to keep her bones strong.

·        Physical exercises: Regular exercise, such as regular walking improves and enhances general health, especially the health of bones and joints.

·        A regular visit to the doctor, and regular examinations: Regular doctor visits help detect health problems early. It is sufficient to visit the doctor once a year for periodic check-ups and necessary tests, such as dental and eye examinations, bone density measurement (DXA), and others.


Woman at this age is advised to see doctors to perform the necessary tests to check their health and follow up on periodic medical examinations