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Changes indicating the due date of the child's birth

Changes indicating the due date of the child's birth

As labor approaches, the body undergoes some changes that indicate the due date of the baby's birth, including:

A woman may feel, when the scheduled date of delivery approaches, that the baby has descended and settled in the lower pelvis.

Braxton-Hicks’s contractions

A pregnant woman in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy may feel casual, painless contractions like the feeling of a narrowing and relaxation of the uterus. As the due date approaches, these contractions become more powerful and may be painful.

The appearance of the blood mark

The uterus opening (cervix) during pregnancy is closed with a thick mucus plug mixed with some blood and that plug is shed days or hours before labor begins.

Changes in the cervix

The cervix softens, which is called exudation.

Membranes rupture

The exit of watery fluid from the vagina due to the explosion of the water bag, or what is colloquially called the water breaking, then you must go immediately to the hospital.

The presence of sudden energy in a pregnant woman

A pregnant woman has an urgent desire to arrange the nest and conduct a thorough cleaning and have everything clean and tidy as she feels tremendous energy that she has been missing for a while. This sign announces the imminent arrival of the child within a day or two.