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caring for post-menopausal women Key messages

Caring for post-menopausal women Key messages


·        Informing women of the positive points related to the age of menopause, help them to benefit from this experience and gives them a sense of reassurance and optimism.

·        Women must follow the necessary instructions about dealing with and treating menopausal symptoms to maintain a healthy body that contributes to alleviating their symptoms.

·        Informing women of the principle of hormone therapy with its pros and cons, and consulting a doctor, which helps them make the appropriate decision.

·        Increasing women's awareness of the importance of preventing factors leading to osteoporosis to reduce its impact on her health and her family’s health.

·        Supporting husbands and society in general, and their support for women at this stage, saves them from the annoying pressures that can be imposed by the prevailing misconceptions and the pessimistic view of society on this issue.


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