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Key messages about safe wraps (prenatal)

Pre-pregnancy messages Health examination of the spouses before pregnancy avoids the mother and the newborn baby from many health problems. Agreeing with the understanding between the spouses about the occurrence of pregnancy contributes to making the experience of pregnancy and childbirth enjoyable ..

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Prepare for a healthy pregnancy

Prepare for a healthy pregnancy      Pregnancy planning is a healthy and good approach that positively affects the mother and the future child. Planning helps, for example, to quit bad health habits such as smoking and hookah, reach the appropriate weight before pregnancy, and prepare the wife's body for this pregnancy and this ..

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Pre-pregnancy health precautions

Pre-pregnancy health precautions It is essential to advise couples wishing to have a child about the timing of pregnancy and take necessary steps to ensure that the mother is in the best possible physical, mental, and emotional health when pregnancy occurs.  Things to do before pregnancy: